Court Data Transparency

A database of Cuyahoga County's Criminal Court Case docket, available for download. Inspired by Harvard's Caselaw Access Project, and many others.

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Intended Uses

Democracy, by definition, is very participatory. Data analysis can help.

  • Education

    This dataset can be used to support programming which fuses together Social Science Methods, Technical Prowess, and critical thinking - valuable skills for the changemakers of tomorrow.

  • Civic Engagement

    Leverage the persuasive power of data to amplify your message. With data-driven evidence, you can advocate for positive change, influence policy, and create solutions that truly address community needs.

  • Research

    Extract deep insights into the legal system, criminal justice, and regional trends.



APA Citation

Olivo, N.M. (2023). Cuyahoga County Criminal Court Case Docket. CuyaCourts v1.0. Retrieved Month Day Year, from

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